Get To Know More About Kanatak

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Some case Kanatak, an Alutiiq town and also for a brief time, an oil exploration boom town, is an abandoned town, it remains inhabited in the minds of the Indigenous senior citizens and also their offspring that reject Kanatak is dead.

Before Kanatak was placed on the map, it was as soon as a quiet town with Alutiiq/Russian town whose family members lived off the land and also sea taking a trip with the mountain passes to Becharof Lake and to Egegik, Ugashik and other seaside communities. Kanatak managed to maintain its tribal identity transitioning right into the 1920’s as well as weathering through the oil boom and also 1919 pandemic. Households, such as the Amock’s Boskoffsky, Chernikoff, Fred’s Kalmakoff’s, Kosbruk’s, Giacommetti’s, Murphy’s, Rufe’s, Shangin’s Takak’s, Yagi’s, Yagosloff’s Survaloff’s and also Zakoff’s, that were caught in the 1939 demographics are the backbone of our tribe.

Kanatak became synonymous with oil and also gas sector in the 1920’s in Alaska, The U.S.A.’s latest frontier, sharing the spotlight with only Katella in the whole state of Alaska. Walt Disney even had a passion in the Kanatak oil as well as gas leases!

The oil and also gas boom town proceeded for concerning 30-35 years, ending quickly in the late 1940’s, after all initiatives to produce recoverable oil fell short. Needless to claim, that when the oil firms left so did the stores, the bakery, the resorts, and the sellers.

I keep in mind the day in 1954 when my Dad ultimately made the decision that he too had no option however to move his fast expanding family to Egegik for the winter months– normally, we would certainly travel to Egegik just in the summertime months to fish, currently we were leaving our house in the autumn. Mommy as well as Papa had many household images left in boxes I the attic and numerous various other family members prizes that were left there up until we returned.

The following springtime when we returned, every participant of our household uncovered that Kanantak was no more safe from vandals and also thieves, for we had all shed a large amount of our belongings. For me, I was devastated! My priceless Russian Cross was swiped! I keep in mind weeping and thinking now I cannot get to Heaven! Papa had ALL his precious weapon collection swiped, Mama not had our family images and my siblings all seemed to have a special item taken!

Some of the previous participants returned to their homes either by trips over the hills, by boat, or by little aircraft, Kanatak at some point got less and much less gos to from its homeowners. While lots of short articles on Kanatak refer to it as “abandoned,” numerous traditional family members continued to maintain their residence there on a seasonal basis until the Wildlife Refuge launched it’s routine of “burn” every little thing down within their limits.